Paperless System

The future of banking with paperless operations revolutionize the transaction process for a truly seamless and clutter-free experience. By eliminating the need for paper, the Digital Desk empowers both tellers and customers to engage in a streamlined and efficient interaction, allowing them to focus on what truly matters – their banking needs.

Remote Banker

By embracing digitalization, the Remote Banker solution facilitates expedited processing of information and documents. By leveraging digital technology, banks can streamline their teller and banker operations with centralized hub, leading to cost reduction while enabling the simultaneous servicing of multiple branches.

Biometric Authentication

The incorporation of various biometric and other authentication methods, such as ID verification, palm vein scanning, fingerprint reading, and pin pad entry, empowers customers to complete transactions in their preferred manner while providing the bank with a wider range of options to streamline its processes.

Flexible Modularity

The Digital Desk’s flexible modularity enables banks to choose and integrate various components and functionalities based on their preferences and operational demands. Whether it’s the inclusion of specific hardware, software, or additional features, the Digital Desk can be easily customized and expanded to accommodate diverse banking experience environments.

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Hyosung 7I (MX7600IA)

Hyosung 7I (MX7600IA)

Designed to provide unprecedented reliability, the 7I is unparalleled in the market. This island drive-up ATM can easily be upgraded from a cash dispenser to deposit automation and supports large volume transactions. It’s high uptime and minimum maintenance has helped make Hyosung the fastest growing ATM company.

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Hyosung 8LR (MX8800)

Hyosung 8LR (MX8800)

The 8LR gives your consumers a choice on how to interact: self-service or with the help of on-demand tablet/video assistance. When deployed with our integrated software approach and video assistance support, the 8LR supports a wide range of transactions, not just ATM transactions.

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