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Our History

Learn what makes Hyosung Innovue the industry leader we are today. Through a strong history of research and development and industry-first inventions, Hyosung Innovue continues to make history with each new innovative solution.

Global Statistics






Deployed Units

$16.5 Billion

Business Revenue


Hyosung opens its world class Customer Experience Center of 6,279 sq. ft. highlighting the industry’s leading Retail and Financial Institution solution offerings


Hyosung moves its North American Headquarters to Las Colinas, TX, adding 25,087 sq. ft. of office space

  • Hyosung forms the legal entity Hyosung Solutions in Mexico to further expand into the Financial Institution market
  • Opens Hyosung TNS Europe office in Germany
  • Launches a new customer-friendly ‘Branch Cash Manager’
  • Launches ‘U8000’ with next generation BRM for Korean Market


Hyosung grows to over 10,000 recycling ATMs installed to establish market leadership

  • Develops retail consumer solutions (Self Order Kiosk, Self-Check-out)
  • Global security standard PCI 5.0 certified
  • Develops real-time fleet monitoring software in India
  • Self Bank Kiosk (Digital Kiosk) for Kook-min and Hana bank projects
  • Wins Mexican govt. project order
  • Hyosung introduces the world’s first recycling island drive-up ATM, bringing the efficiency of cash recycling to a bank’s busiest ATMs for the first time
  • Hyosung installs the first multi-vendor implementation of MoniPlus at Huntington Bank of a fleet of NCR and Hyosung ATM
  • Hyosung signs the 100th core integration customer continuing market leadership in branch transformation solutions
  • Hyosung expands into the Financial Institution market in Canada through a partnership with IBM Canada


Changes our company name to “HYOSUNG TNS Inc.”

  • Develops present BRM with differentiated functions to reflect customer’s needs for the U.S. Bank market
  • SW solution (WARP) improving ATM UI of banks and reflecting multi-vendor SW needs
  • Hyosung partners with 4 of the top 5 U.S. banks
  • Launches cloud based ATM platform ‘MoniWARP’ for Omni –channel solutions


Hyosung introduces the world’s first small-footprint recycling ATM, allowing banks to efficiently extend their customer reach to non-branch locations

  • Develops a new middle and high priced ATM ‘MX2800SE’ to expand the retail market
  • Develops Kbank Multi-ATM for the domestic market
  • Develops WARP UX/UI of the next generation ATM S/W platform


Launches mobile ATM, Launches Biometrics-ready Digital Kiosk

  • Develops standard ATM “MX8600S, MX5600S” with improved security and performance
  • Develops an optimized branch solution “Mini-NBS”
  • Develops “Micro ATM” to reduce customers TCO
  • Develops new high end ATM “MX7800 Series”
  • Development of “MoniMobile” Retail ATM management mobile solution


Hyosung introduces TCRs to the U.S. market

  • Develops “Halo II” for retail ATM customer
  • Develops Mobile ATM for smart phone transaction
  • Develops Full Function New Branch Solution (ShinHan Bank Digital Kiosk) for Korea market
  • Develops a new merchant self service recycler with MoniSafe500SE
  • Establishes Chinese production plant
  • Hyosung introduces TCRs to the U.S. market as the only ATM manufacturing to offer both ATMs and TCR solutions and currently holds 10% market share with over 3000 installations
  • Hyosung creates a repeatable core integration process to allow a bank to directly connect its ATMs to its banking core, enabling banks to automate over 90% of their teller transactions


Develops Branch Transformation Solution (Video conference, card issuing, coin recycling enabled), and Software(Active Teller)

  • Develops Teller cash recycler MS400A
  • Develops Chinese standard Video Teller Machine(VTM)
  • Establishes Indonesian office
  • Hyosung introduces ATM cash recycling to the U.S. market, creating a new lever for operational efficiency opportunities in branch banking


Hyosung installs the first U.S. recycling ATM to establish industry-leading position

  • Develops Standard Hybrid ATM, Full Function New Branch Solution (Self Service Banking, Video Banking)
  • ATM software “MoniPlus 2S” for ATM Multi-vendor usage
  • Develops Halo ATM
  • Develops ATM with a new global BRM (MX8200CL, MX8600)


Develops Branch Transformation Solution/Software

  • Develops New Branch Solution (Self Service Banking, Video Banking)
  • Develops new-generation cash recycler
  • Develops cash/check mixed media recycling module (BRM11)
  • Hyosung starts new service division for large direct FI customers and grows to servicing over 26,000 ATMs


Launches with Global BRM (8000A, 8000TA)

  • Develops export-type check/cash deposit integrated module (CCIM)


Builds global software center for reinforcing software business

  • Enters into Italian Banking Industry
  • Enters into Poland Banking Industry
  • Introduces Island ATM
  • Develops new-generation High-End CDU
  • Establishes Indian office


Enters into Indian Banking Industry

  • Enters into India Banking Industry
  • Deploys 5,000th MyCashZone (ATM in Nautilus Hyosung’s own switching business) in Korea
  • Currency identification certification by Europe Central Bank
  • Releases internal BRM-equipped Cash recycler(Ubitus 8100)


Establishes US subsidiary (Nautilus Hyosung America)

  • Enters into Kyrgyzstan Banking Industry
  • Develops the export-type cash deposit module (BNA), check deposit module (BCA)
  • Initiates 1stATM Managed Service in Korea
  • Hyosung expands ATM offerings into the financial institution market
  • Launches MoniManager, ATM Monitoring software


Reaches 100K ATM unit↑export

  • Enters Kazakhstan Banking Industry
  • Establishes Overseas Branch in Dallas, TX USA
  • Develops a new type of cash and check ATM (SCDP2)
  • Develops export-type, financially high-performing ATM (MX 7600 series)
  • Develops cash scanner sensing deposit machine (CSM)


Deploys 3,000th MyCashZone in Korea

  • Enters into Vietnamese Banking Industry
  • Installs lobby ATMs in China for ISO market
  • Develops high-performing drive-up ATM for the US financial industry
  • Develops new banknote multifunctional ATM (T2 ATM)


Reaches 70,000th ATM exported

  • Opens AOC(ATM Operation Center)
  • Starts ATM brand outsourcing
  • Contracts US Tier 1 bank


Exports 50,000th ATM to the U.S.

  • Enters Mexican Banking Industry


Localizes BRM (Bill Recycling Module)

  • Enters Turkish Banking Industry
  • Introduces an ATM management software solution


Reaches 30,000 ATM units shipped to the U.S.

  • Starts ATM Business in European Market
  • Develops high-performing automatic teller machine (T1 ATM) and automatic cash dispenser for export to the US (MB 1500).
  • Integrates into Nautilus HYOSUNG


Begins exporting ATMs to the U.S. and Australia

  • Establishes Tokyo branch
  • Develops desk-type automatic cash dispenser (NanoCash-3000)
  • Runs ‘My Cash zone’ business in Korea


Develops desk automatic cash dispenser (NanoCash-2000)

  • Exports ATMs to Japanese FI market
  • Develops VAN CD machine


Develops automatic cash dispenser for export to the US (MB-3000)

  • Fulfills the first major network integration of affiliated major banks in Korea
  • Develops electronic cash systems


Develops automatic cash dispenser (Mini Bank1000)

  • Becomes a member of WOSA/XFS Council
  • Hyosung enters the U.S. market with the first small-footprint retail ATM, MB1000, and goes on to gain and maintain market share


Develops export-type cash dispensing unit (CDU-M)

  • Establishes the first overseas branch


Launches cash recycling ATM

  • Starts network system business


Develops non-recycling automatic cash deposit and dispensing machine (ATM)

  • Exports passbook printers to Chinese market


Develops cash and check dispenser (CD) and bankbook printer

  • Completes development of full function ATMs


Develops enhanced cash dispensers/ATMs


Founds S/W technology research institute





  • Begins production of workstations


Establishes electronics research center

  • Enters into the personal computer business


Starts production of banking terminals and ATMs

  • Cash Dispense – Launches the first banking terminal product


Establishes the first computer manufacturing plant in Korea (Gumi)


    Establishes Hyosung Computer Division (Technical partnership with Hitachi)