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Design & Engineering

Hyosung Innovue engineers both hardware and software solutions in-house. With an impressive investment in research and development, our engineers are in the forefront of the industry.

World Class Research & Development

Our primary R&D center located in Seoul, South Korea and our Global Software Center in Ohio, collectively house 375 dedicated engineers specializing in system, software, and mechanical technology. Through their extensive knowledge we are able to quickly and flexibly respond to customer needs and deliver on truly innovative products and services.

R&D Expertise


(Media Handling Source Technology)

Recognition Technology

(Computer Vision Based on AI)

System Integration

(Unit & Module Layout Optimization)


(Application Program & Device Platform)

Self-Service Experiences

Emerging Experiences

Green Technology


Design & Technology Patents

A History of Elevating Technology

Hyosung Innovue is leading the evolution of self-service banking in retail and financial institutions. Through innovative technology and industry expertise, we engineer ATMs and kiosks with the enhanced functionality and usability modern users expect.

Core Competencies

Triangle image showing Hyosung Innovue R&D capabilities

Customer Centricity

  • Deliver customer centric solutions to meet our clients’ specific requirements
  • Offer branch transformation solutions to reduce the TCO to customers

In-House Core Modules

  • Develop key modules based on our own capabilities (including BRM, CCIM, BCA, CDU)
  • Ensure high quality, speed to market, and easy to fix problems

Vertical Integration

  • Provide a full range of technical services
  • Firmware/mechanic modules to hardware/system
  • Provide ATM related software and outsourcing services

Driving the Industry Forward

Our expertise and innovation in creating hardware and software for the banking and retail industries has positioned us as an industry leader. Our unique approach to mechatronics, the implementation of recognition technology, and the comprehensive development of system software pushes the boundaries on what ATMs and Kiosks can do.

By creating exceptional technology we are able to elevate the self-service experiences for all, as well as provide entirely new ways for the consumer to interact with their favorite businesses. Our dedication to innovation has lead to over 2,500 design and technology patents that enhance our everyday lives.