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Why Choose Hyosung Innovue?

These are interesting times in the ATM industry, with public declarations from two of the largest global ATM and banking technology solutions providers regarding the future of their respective companies. One has declared plans for a chapter 11 filing while the other is preparing to split into two companies.

Future uncertainty can create significant risk to retaining employees, maintaining supply chains, continuing investment in innovation and overall slowed decision making and strategy execution as the new company works through the immense amount of organizational change. 

For over 25 years, Hyosung Innovue Americas has partnered with the top US Retail Banks and Credit Unions to deliver truly reliable banking convenience and enjoyable interactions to improve the everyday for everyone. Our innovative ATM and Managed Services platforms are industry leading. We are stronger than ever and just getting started. Our innovation in engineering enables best-in-class performance. As a company, we are strong. Hyosung Innovue is vertically integrated which means zero supply chain issues, and we are a part of a diversified parent company with a global reach – but an established and proud Americas presence – giving us continued financial stability during these unprecedented times.

Please contact us today to learn more about how we can de-risk your customer delivery platforms and take the human experience to the next level.

The Innovue Difference

Engineering Innovation =
Best-in-Class Performance

Hyosung Innovue is the largest and fastest growing ATM company in North America. We are the number one deployer of recycling ATMs in the market and the only manufacturer in the world to offer both ATM & TCR technology.

We invest heavily in research and development so we can focus on improving our offerings to the banking, retail, and business industries. Our devices are designed to be easily serviced, based on a series of components. If a component fails, we simply swap it in the field for a new one, and send the failed component to a controlled repair facility. This innovative approach dramatically reduces device downtime and repair time.

Vertical Integration =
Zero Supply Chain Issues

Hyosung Innovue designs, engineers and manufactures nearly every component within our devices, as opposed to relying on third parties. This approach enables us to control our own destiny as it relates to supply chain and manufacturing lead times. It also enables Hyosung Innovue to quickly respond to changing dynamics and quickly innovate to bring new and innovative solutions to the market.

Solution Diversity =
Financial Stability

With a global reach of 47 countries and growing, Hyosung Innovue has been dedicating itself to writing a new chapter in the history of numerous first technological developments. In fact, the Hyosung Group as a whole is creating a new lifestyle culture throughout the world in textiles, industrial materials, chemicals, heavy industry, and information & communication.

This highly diversified portfolio of products and services enables our company to not only survive, but thrive in even the toughest of market conditions.