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BlueVerse™ Software

Our customizable, interoperable software suite that improves banking and retail experiences by ensuring that our customers can seamlessly connect physical and digital experiences to deliver on their end customers unique needs.


Hyosung Innovue’s multi-vendor terminal application software that drives a consistent customer experience across your entire ATM or kiosk network.


A cloud-based, multi-vendor ATM software platform that provides flexible and affordable omni-channel implementation.


Hyosung’s Core Integration software connects directly to the core banking system, expanding the number of transaction sets available at self-service channel or assisted service-service zones for more convenient and accessible branch services to customers.


Introduce remote or in-person assisted teller transactions at the self-service zone to not only maximize labor efficiencies and cut down times, but also allow customers to choose between self and assisted transactions for a more comfortable banking experience.


A fully-customizable dashboard application to monitor your ATM devices in real time. Allows you to review cash levels, perform health checks, analyze metrics, and so much more.


Proprietary cyber-security suite that is designed to prevent a wide variety of electronic attack vectors, such as hacking and hardware manipulation.


Provide a personalized ATM user experience with targeted marketing capabilities and allow your customers to select and save their most frequently-used transactions.

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