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Brand Story

Hyosung Innovue is a global human experience maker that bridges the physical and virtual worlds. We do this by harnessing our unique combination of a manufacturer’s soul with an innovator’s mindset to build a platform of integrated products, services, and ideas that improve life’s day-to-day interactions for everyone.

A Human Experience Maker

We harness our decades of experience as a global technology innovator to create seamless experiences that improve the everyday for everyone. Our integrated solutions bring our customers and end-users closer together by humanizing the gap between the physical and virtual worlds and by improving the way customers interact with the businesses and products they love.

Elevating the Banking Experience

Our banking solutions are customized to the specific needs of our clients, and are always engineered with trust, collaboration, and innovation to improve the overall customer experience. We tap into our deep expertise in the banking sector to deliver innovative cash handling, branch transformation, and cash management solutions.

Our ceaseless pursuit for innovation is recognized by the top names in the banking industry. In fact, 5 of the 6 top US financial institutions look to us for guidance in modernizing their branch self-service solutions.

Driving Retail Experiences

Our in-store transaction solutions are defining the next generation of fast and frictionless retail experiences. We design and manufacture retail ATMs, self-checkout solutions, and integrated POS systems that help retailers build and grow meaningful connections with their customers.

With over 20 years of leadership in the retail ATM market, we continually push the boundaries on what is possible. This core focus on innovation allows us to introduce new and exciting experiences to expand retail businesses and enable new possibilities for the end consumer.