The 8LS is a small footprint cash recycler that can be deployed anywhere. Full function deposit capability enables financial institutions to extend their presence to consumers.


Our Innovative design and the use of Hyosung manufactured core technologies allows for fast, easy replenishment and reduced downtime.


The 8LS has unparalleled delivery range of transactions outside the traditional branch space.


The 8LS is equipped with a high capacity cash recycler and the ability to support check deposit functionality.

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Hyosung 8L (MX8200QTN)

Hyosung 8L (MX8200QTN)

The small footprint 8L model frees customers to choose how they want to interact with your financial institution by enabling a more robust set of self-service transactions including on-demand video assistance delivered through Hyosung’s innovative core integration option.

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Hyosung 8LR (MX8800)

Hyosung 8LR (MX8800)

The 8LR gives your consumers a choice on how to interact: self-service or with the help of on-demand tablet/video assistance. When deployed with our integrated software approach and video assistance support, the 8LR supports a wide range of transactions, not just ATM transactions.

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