Welcome to Hyosung’s employee spotlight! Our September Spotlight is on Jasmine Saxon Jones, Hyosung’s Director of Part Sales. “Jasmine deserves extra recognition for her recent performance leading the parts sales team through a challenging period. Although her team was understaffed, she was able to help the team post over 300 new parts to the online ordering system while also supporting the normal parts sales activities. Thanks to her dedication and long hours the operation didn’t miss a beat and will be more efficient going forward. ” Scott Hackl, Executive VP, Financial Sales

Get to know Jasmine more below!

Q: How long have you worked at Hyosung? What was your start date?

A: I’ve been with Hyosung for just under 27 months. My start date was July 8, 2019

Q: Can you tell us a little more about your background and how you joined the company in 2019?

A: I’ve spent nearly ten years of my career in sales, marketing, and business development. In 2013 I relocated from Atlanta, GA to Los Angeles, CA to pursue my MBA while working full time as a Business and Marketing Development Specialist in Calabasas. From there I joined Kubota Tractor Corporation in Torrance, CA where I spearheaded 5 Parts Programs that generated nearly $40M in annual revenue. I relocated from Los Angeles to Grapevine, TX with Kubota in 2017 and was recruited to join Hyosung to expand our Parts Line of Business, foster deeper relationships with our dealers, and increase Parts revenue.

Q: What was your first impression of Hyosung?

A: My first impression of Hyosung was great, I noticed the company was very innovative and diverse. I found the corporate culture to be very accepting and felt comfortable showing up as my authentic self.

Q: Are there any important skills or attributes that are important for someone that wants to pursue a career as a Part Sales Director? Is there anything about your job or your team that you think people outside would find surprising or different in the way you/it works?

A: To pursue a career in Part Sales you have to be sales-driven, highly analytical, and comfortable working with large datasets. You will be responsible for managing and selling thousands of parts and ensuring that they are in the right place at the right time. One thing about my team that people would find surprising is that although we are very lean—Our department is responsible for overseeing significantly more SKUs and dealers than any other team as we work with both FI Channel and Retail Customers along with a few Parts only accounts.

Q: Can you tell us about your role and summarize your day-to-day responsibilities?

A: In my role as Director – Part Sales I am responsible for leading and overseeing the Part Sales department, spearheading all part sales initiatives, programs, and strategic growth plans. Each day I communicate with Hyosung dealers regarding revenue-generating activities and foster Parts program participation. I also work very closely with our Purchasing, Operations, and Repair Center teams.

Q: What inspires you every day?

A: Each day I am inspired to lead by example. I devote 100% of my effort and commitment in every area of my life and I truly believe people witnessing that goes further than anything that could be said.

Q: In 5 years what do you want to achieve or where do you see you yourself?

A: In five years I want to lead our Part Sales department to double our revenue while drastically reducing the ATM Parts Aftermarket. On a personal note, I want to own 5-10 investment properties.

Q: What do you like to do outside of work?

A: Outside of work I enjoy home décor and DIY projects, gardening, traveling to new places, bike riding, and hiking—I am a HUGE nature lover!

Q: Do you have favorite memory or standout accomplishment you want to talk about?

A: A standout moment and achievement for me was my team and I exceeding our 2020 Revenue target despite the negative implications of the Pandemic—stay at home orders, business shutdowns and dealers being extremely reluctant to invest in parts and upgrade projects, etc. We were humbled that our team was able to both remain profitable and achieve 103% of our revenue target for Hyosung in such a tumultuous business environment.