Hyosung TNS, the leading manufacturer of ATMs worldwide, has begun a global initiative to reinvent its user experience through the implementation of a branding refresh entitled “Be Inspired.” The campaign draws upon the impressive technological history of the industry innovator to lead clients through a journey to experience solutions-driven communication.

Titled “Be Inspired,” the initiative employs “plain language and interaction” that show how Hyosung is inspired by its customers to create new business solutions – and how those solutions, in turn, inspire customers to utilize vanguard technology in new ways to grow their businesses, the company says.

“In this rapidly changing global business environment, the needs of our customers have become more diverse,” explained Hyunsik Sohn, CEO and President of Hyosung TNS. “In order to get a deeper understanding of our customers’ changing needs and to maximize their value, we are pursuing a large number of exciting innovations. We are committed to continue listening to our customers’ voices and to dream big, solving any challenges along the way toward a better future together.”

The first expression of this multi-phase initiative is the launch of the company’s new global website hyosung-tns.com. The technologically impressive, 140-page site has been designed to unify Hysoung’s leadership in the financial institution and retail industries and consolidate all of its previous, regional websites into one global website, including a multi-language interface and an intuitive, interactive product catalog.

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The second demonstration of the “Be Inspired” positioning is the opening of Hyosung’s state-of-the-art Customer Experience Center (CXC) as a part of Hyosung’s new North American headquarters located in Las Colinas’ Mandalay Towers II (Irving, TX). The 6,279 square foot high-tech playground features enormous LED video walls, interactive touch-screens and the latest product and software solutions set in experiential Financial and Retail settings. There are also plans for virtual CXC tours to reach customers where they are located.

CXC Image

“We are ready to celebrate the grand opening of our new Customer Experience Center (CXC) as part of our new headquarters, said Scott Hackl, Executive Vice President of North American Sales. “The CXC is a state-of-the-art facility that goes far beyond a traditional demo center. In addition to showcasing our latest Retail and Financial solutions, the CXC is designed so that we will spend valuable time with customers as they experience innovation that spurs strategic conversations.”

The “Be Inspired” campaign comes following a period of exceptional growth for Hyosung TNS and its parent company, which has enjoyed $13B in corporate revenues and more than 1,800 patents. Hyosung America has grown to provide more than 75% of all retail ATMs and has tripled its sales in the financial industry, including placing its technology in five of the six largest banks in America. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Hyosung America achieved 3% revenue growth in 2020.

“We have gone through transformational growth in innovation, technology, sales and service,” said Hee-Eun Ahn, Chief Executive Officer of Hyosung America. “This exciting technological transformation allows us to present all of our customers in Asia, the Americas and globally with a unified voice and brand that addresses what all of this innovation means to our customers. We have created a vision for tomorrow that transforms Hyosung from a technology-leading product company to a solution-driven partner.”

Hyosung TNS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hyosung Corporation and encompasses all of the company involvement in ATM and banking technology.

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