Retail cash recyclers (or RCRs) are machines designed to quickly count, store, and dispense bills, automating a task that usually needs to be done manually by store employees. RCRs are a version of the machines that bank tellers use to count cash but are designed especially for the retail industry. Benefits to using retail cash recyclers include increasing staff efficiency and productivity, reducing contagion-spreading touchpoints, reducing trips to the bank, and improving security. Read on to learn about the benefits of these high-tech machines and discover if Hyosung retail cash recycler machine solutions are right for you. 

Increase Employee Efficiency 

First off, a retail cash recycler (or RCR) will make the process of counting and sorting bills much more efficient. A shift’s worth of bills can be processed in less than a minute. Extrapolate this added efficiency over your entire business, and you’ll see that the saved labor hours quickly add up. Depending on how you choose to manage it, this means either fewer hours on the clock for your staff (which saves on payroll), or more time for them to focus on other important duties. By quickly and accurately counting bills, changeover times between cashier shifts are greatly reduced, which makes a big difference when you need to keep the line moving on a busy day. 

Eliminate Unnecessary Touchpoints  

Dangerous pathogens can be transmitted on bills. Put simply, every time an employee touches a bill, it’s a chance to spread a contagion like COVID-19. By using an RCR to reduce the amount of manual cash counting that needs to be done, you can eliminate unnecessary touchpoints and help keep your team healthy. This is another reason why cash recyclers are becoming popular with retailers in a pandemic/post-pandemic world. 

Avoid Unnecessary Trips to the Bank 

With a cash recycler for retail stores, you can have an accurate, real-time picture of your amount of cash on hand. These high-tech machines keep a record of cash in and out, including which denominations are being used, making it easy to detect trends and plan trips to the bank that make the most sense for your cash management needs. If your business relies on cash transactions (like many businesses still do), running out of small bills can be disastrous, especially if there are competing stores nearby. An RCR will give you the information you need to prevent this from happening without visiting the bank more often than you have to.  

Reduce the Chance of Human Error 

Retail cash recycling machines help eliminate the problem of human error when it comes to cash counting and bill storage. Removing the human element from the counting process also reduces the number of honest errors that even the best employees can make. Cutting-edge sensors can identify counterfeit bills as well. Additionally, less cash handling and less cash in transit means improved security across the board.  

Take Advantage of Retail Cash Recycler Benefits 

Hyosung America has installed thousands of transformative branch cash recyclers in banks across the continent, and we know how to adapt that technology for the retail environment. From implementation strategy, to training, to maintenance, we can help you every step of the way. If you think your business could benefit from a retail cash recycling machine, contact us today.

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