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Key takeaways:

  • Uptick in ATM Jackpotting attacks.
  • Malware, black box and Man-in-the-Middle attacks reported in multiple states and across multiple ATM manufacturer brands.
  • Hyosung recommends enabling TLS encryption and/or Message Authentication Codes to further protect your ATMs from Jackpotting attempts.

Hyosung is aware of recent increase in Jackpotting attempts in the US as reported by the US Secret Service.  

These attacks include traditional malware, black box and man-in-the-middle attacks across multiple ATM brands in multiple states.  Attacks are believed to be committed by several criminal groups considered still in the US and are expected to continue attempts on ATMs.

Hyosung’s position is that all ATMs are vulnerable to MITM attacks. To help prevent such attacks, Hyosung strongly recommends enabling TLS (Transport Layer Security) and TLS certificate validation / enabling message ‘MACing’ (Message Authentication Codes) if it is supported by your NDC Host.Hyosung also recommends ensuring the latest firmware and software updates are installed on your ATMs.

For the host connection:

  • Beginning with BlueVerse Embedded (MoniPlus2CE) V06.03.00 WinCE6/7 TLS/Certificate Validation is enabled by default.
  • For BlueVerse Global and BlueVerse XTM (NBS) TLS/Certificate Validation is not enabled by default but customers are strongly encouraged to enable it.

In addition, for both BlueVerse Embedded and BlueVerse XTM MACing should be enabled.  

  • For customers using BlueVerse Fleet (MoniManager) or BlueVerse Fleet Lite (MoniView) best practice is to secure these channels using TLS/Certificate Validation.
  • By default the connection between BlueVerse Fleet and BlueVerse Global/BlueVerse XTM uses TLS/Certificate Validation. In addition, Managed Services uses an encrypted VPN connection to the Cloud.

Instructions for configuring TLS secure communication with the NDC host can be found in the MoniPlus2 Operator Program Manual and are referenced in Hyosung Technical Bulleting ‘Secret Service Alert #24-006-I’ released June 7, 2023.   

Customers should work with their NDC host to ensure these steps are achievable and implemented correctly.

For additional questions regarding protections that support your ATMs, please contact your Hyosung Sales leader or Authorized Hyosung Reseller.

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