Hotels have many revenue stream possibilities. Aside from the charges for overnight guests, hotels can enhance their profitability with restaurants, gift shops, bars, coffee shops, and many other amenities. However, these additional revenue streams can often be largely cash-based, which creates the necessity of allowing guests to access a convenient source of cash withdrawal.   

Rather than installing a traditional ATM, hotel managers and owners should consider installing a retail cash recycler. Retail cash recycler machines are the future of the business, creating greater convenience for guests and managers alike. 

A convenient option for hotel cashiers, managers, and retail partners 

Hotels, particularly upscale or luxury hotels, typically have large amounts of cash housed in various places throughout the establishment, such as employee tills and cashier bank vaults. As a result, cash is continually shuffled around in the form of due backs, tips, and petty cash. It’s often difficult and time-consuming to reliably track all of these notes.  

A retail cash recycler enhances accountability and accuracy while streamlining efficiency and reducing operational costs. For example, with a cash recycling ATM machine, cashiers can begin their shifts by withdrawing their house bank or till from the machine and returning as needed to make change. At the end of a shift, cashiers deposit their entire tll into the cash recycler, withdrawing a due back if needed. 

A cash recycler has other features, but even the bare-bones process significantly streamlines how hotel cashiers and retail partners can carry out their tasks. The greater convenience serves to improve employee satisfaction and retention rates. Furthermore, there is no need for house bank vaults or bank audits since these are fully automated with the cash recycler.  

How a Hyosung cash recycler improves the hotel guest experience 

A cash recycler for retail partners improves the efficiency of the employees, and it also directly improves the guest experience. When a traditional ATM runs out of money, it’s no longer able to serve its purpose. Since a retail cash recycler can be continually replenished from deposits by hotel cashiers, hotel guests never have to experience the frustration of an empty ATM.  

Additionally, a cash recycling ATM machine significantly reduces the time that hotel employees spend on menial tasks like counting and double counting the cash to ensure accuracy. This means employees are free to devote more attention to guests. The hospitality industry is driven by quality customer service, and a hotel known for superior service gains an invaluable reputational advantage. 

Partner with the industry leader in ATM machines  

Exceptional security features, intuitive software, and reliable operation are the defining characteristics of the transformative branch cash recyclers you’ll find from Hyosung America. Our company has been a leader in providing retail cash recycler machines to banks and retail partners throughout North and South America. From restaurant chains to bank branches to hotels of all sizes, you’ll find our ATM machines are among the most popular choices for businesses interested in enhanced profitability and greater convenience.  

Contact our friendly sales team today to discuss how our Hyosung retail cash recycler machine solutions can improve your guests’ experience. We look forward to helping you make your hotel more convenient and user-friendly for everyone. 

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