When it comes to banking technology, it seems like things are changing faster than ever. There always seems to be new essential hardware and software, and the preferences of customers are also continually evolving. One thing is for certain though—it always pays to be efficient. You may have heard that a teller cash recycler, or TCR, can increase teller efficiency, but how exactly do they work? The banking tech pros at Hyosung America handle a lot of questions about this every day. Here are the basics of how teller cash recycler machines work: 

Accepting Notes 

TCRs sit on the teller’s side of the glass, usually between two tellers who both use it. When notes, or bills, are deposited, the teller cash recycler machine accepts them and runs them through a sensor. This sensor can tell the denomination of the bills and determine if a bill is counterfeit or too damaged to be used. Rejected bills are sent to their own bin, while legit notes are sorted by denomination and placed in a secure cash cassette. This cash cassette functions as a safe that automatically keeps a tally of the number and denomination of notes it holds. 

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Dispensing Notes 

If a customer wants to cash a check or withdraw cash from their account, the TCR can essentially act as an ATM behind the teller’s glass. This is where the “recycling” aspect of the machine comes into play. TCRs can use the notes deposited by another customer to pay out subsequent customers. Unlike a standard ATM, a TCR will have the ability to dispense any denomination bills that it has stored in its cassette. Should your customer need 1s and 5s for their store’s register, a teller cash recycler can make that happen, provided its cassette is full. As the day’s deposits and withdrawals continue, the TCR keeps a real-time record of its cash on hand. 

Refilling ATMs

If you have a Hyosung teller cash recycler and Hyosung recycling ATMs in your lobby, you can use the TCR’s cassettes to refill your ATMs (or vice versa). These interchangeable cash cartridges are a key part of Hyosung teller cash recycler machine solutions designed to make your branch run more efficiently while cutting down customer wait times. 

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Transform Your Branch with Expert Help 

Branch transformation can be a complex process, so it always pays to have expert help on hand. When you upgrade to transformative branch cash recyclers from Hyosung America, you’ll have an experienced partner by your side every step of the way. We’ve deployed machines and updated software all across the continent and can craft an implementation plan that works for your FIs needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can put our experience to work for you. 

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