Revolutionizing Retail

Hyosung Innovue is revolutionizing retail with our new series of ATMs; the Cajera Pivot and the Cajera Plus.

Hyosung’s First Revolutionary Experience

Since the first introduction of a small form factor cost effective retail-class ATM to the industry, Hyosung Innovue has been spurring on a worldwide retail revolution. This innovation fueled phenomenon has been a trailblazer of new and exciting innovations for the past 25 years, resulting in over 300,000 Hyosung Innovue Retail ATM installations today.

We Are Revolutionizing Retail

Catch our podcast with Brad Nolan to learn more about our Retail evolution!

Reinventing Retail Cash Management

Store cash management systems are more efficient than ever with cash recycling ATM technology powered by our revolutionary Cajera Pivot series. Featuring safe in-store deposit, efficient time saving for administrators, and reduced maintenance, Hyosung Innovue’s Cajera Pivot Series is raising the standard for Retail ATMs. Improving efficiency needs something more than evolutionary, it requires revolutionary.

Revolutionary Retail Empowerment

Hyosung Innovue Retail ATMs bring in more foot traffic than ever before with TangoNet apps like bill pay, money transfer, sports betting, and more. To kick off your business’s growth we offer provisional credit for ATM deposits so you can generate cash faster and easier. Growing in retail has never been easier.

The Next Generation

The launch of our 2nd generation of Retail ATMs is based on capitalizing on banking experiences and leveraging their benefits to elevate the human experience. The 2nd generation improvements and innovations aren’t an evolution, they are a revolution.

Hyosung’s Cajera Pivot ATMs

Our Retail Cajera Pivot ATM Series is revolutionary in both innovation and benefits. The Cajera Pivot series reduces CIT expenses, environmental impact while providing non-traditional ATM services to incoming foot traffic. Reducing negative impacts and increasing the positive ones, that is the benefit of the Cajera Pivot.

Positioning for Success: TR-31 Compliance

The TR-31 is an industry changing step to encryption security improvement. TR-31 compliance will be taking effect January 2025, requiring any current ATMs to meet this policy, which means that your ATM will be obsolete and unusable without an upgrade. Our Retail Cajera Pivot ATMs are TR-31 compliant and offer modern features and functions that have a meaningful impact on your business. Our new generation of ATMs are a perfect opportunity to discover and expand what you can offer to your customers and elevate the human experience.

The New and Revolutionary

Hyosung offers a Full Solution = Cajera + TangoNet that benefits the retailer & the consumer

In today’s industry environment there are multiple issues that impact, or will impact the human experience. Retail cash management is tedious and time consuming. Cryptocurrency and mobile-wallets have gone from uncommon to standard, and TR-31 is on the horizon. New and consistent problems require a new approach, a new generation. This is why Hyosung Innovue has teamed up with TangoNet to introduce The Cajera Pivot Series to benefit the Retailer and the Consumer.

Featured Products

Cajera™ Plus

Cajera™ Plus

Retail recycling ATM purpose build for large cash capacity. Optimize your in-store cash management and expand your business offering with new retail cash-in ATM transactions.

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