Williamstown bank (Williamstown, WV) – For over 100 years, Williamstown Bank has provided banking for their community with the mission to be an independent bank that provides the best customer service possible. Williamstown Bank provided traditional banking services such as drive-up ATMs, drive-thru teller tubes, and lobbies that included multiple tellers to conduct their customer’s various transactions. In 2019, the bank was building a new branch and made the decision to update their technology, branch designs, and staffing models to not only offer their customers more convenient options for banking, but just as importantly to offer their 46 employees more avenues for career growth.

“We had old and aging ATMs and drive-thru tubes that needed to be replaced. The last thing we wanted to do was replace old 30-year-old technology with new 30-year-old technology. We wanted to invest in technology that could grow with us,” said Williamstown Bank President and CEO, Sharon Anderson.

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Williamstown Bank made the decision to collaborate with NuSource Financial, an Authorized Hyosung dealer, to implement a new technology strategy. In January of 2020, Williamstown Bank opened their newest branch in the nearby community of Lubeck, WV. This location was very different from their existing branches as they introduced drive-thru video banking ATMs in-place of drive-up tubes and replaced a traditional teller line with banking kiosks that allow for both self-service and video-teller assisted transactions. This new technology allowed the bank the flexibility to include a charity donation coffee bar, high top table seating, couches, and an open floor design. The location staff includes four Universal Bankers who can assist with account opening, loan applications, customer service questions, transaction assistance via tablets that connect directly to their Hyosung ATMs, and a fresh cup of coffee or cappuccino.

At the same time that their new Lubeck branch was opening, Williamstown Bank was also introducing the Hyosung technology at their other two existing branches. Old drive-up ATMs and some tubes were replaced with video teller enabled ATMs and lobby tellers lines were supplemented with self-service banking kiosks. Their customers and employees could now benefit from the bank’s investment in new technology at all of their locations.

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In one month, the bank and NuSource Financial had implemented ten Hyosung video enabled ATMs across all of their branches and it was not a moment too soon. Shortly after the bank went live with the new Hyosung ATMs, operations were forced to change as the COVID pandemic began to grow and require businesses and bank lobbies to close. Customers were required to do all of their banking through the drive-thru as opposed to in the lobbies. Luckily, for Williamstown Bank and their customers this task was made much easier with the use of remote video tellers available at the drive-up ATMs from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. With their new Hyosung ATMs, customers could now do withdrawals, make deposits, pay on loans, cash checks, and talk to a teller all from the comfort and safety of their vehicles.

“I was pleasantly surprised that a little bank like ours was able to turn our operations on a dime and take care of our customers during a very unsure and unprecedented time,” stated Anderson. “Although the pandemic sped up our timeline for the use of the technology, our staff and our customers adopted it very quickly.”

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The small community bank has successfully been able to keep their mission to provide the best customer service possible even during a time when they were not able to shake their customers’ hands. They have transitioned approximately 900 transactions a month away from a traditional drive-up tube and to their video enabled ATMs. The bank’s ATM transactions now total almost 5,000 a month and that number continues to grow. Of those transactions, just over 400 include video teller interaction. Only three employees are required to provide support for the ten video-enabled ATMs at any given time. Video teller assistance can be provided from any location and the employees have been cross-trained to provide customer support in the bank’s call center as well as other duties. This allows for more growth opportunity and better efficiency, while expanding service hours and options for customers.

Anderson emphasized, “It was important for us to show our customers that we were not replacing people with technology. We were providing our employees more opportunities for growth while also allowing our customers more convenient and safe options to interact and bank with us.”

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Moving forward, Williamstown Bank plans to work with NuSource and Hyosung to integrate their Hyosung ATMs directly into their core banking platform to allow for even more self-service capabilities and continue to build on the path of innovation they are traveling down.

About Williamstown Bank:

Williamstown Bank is a locally owned and operated community bank located in Williamstown, WV. With three locations and an asset size of approximately $180 million, the Bank celebrated its 100th Anniversary in 2019. It is the vision of Williamstown Bank to provide community minded innovation, blending its rich history of niche customer service with the technology and services customers expect in today’s fast-paced world, while being active in helping the communities in which they serve.

About Hyosung:

Hyosung America is the US subsidiary of Hyosung, Inc., a global leader in providing ATMs, TCRs and software solutions to the retail off-premises and financial institution markets. Since entering the North American market in 1998, Hyosung has been the fastest growing ATM company in North America and the leading provider of recycling branch transformation solutions. Hyosung is headquartered in Irving, Texas, and provides research and development support from its Global Software Center in Dayton, Ohio.

About NuSource Financial:

NuSource pairs cutting edge technology with world-class service for financial institutions across the United States. We strategize and implement innovative Branch Transformation, Security and Service solutions. Through partnerships with companies such as highly regarded Hyosung, NuSource is committed to tailoring strategies to the particular needs of financial institutions. Their clients consistently reach improved operational performance and enhanced customer experience with speed and convenience. The NuSource mission is to consistently deliver value-added consultative solutions and quality service experiences based on Integrity, Professionalism, and Teamwork.

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