Jefferson Financial CU MAIN OFFICE (Metairie, LA) – For years, Jefferson Financial Federal Credit Union (JFFCU) had a fully staffed complimentary branch in a hospital; one of their SEGs. While the hospital was undergoing renovations, the construction team forgot about their branch and didn’t include build-out space for them. They, along with another credit union that was also in the hospital, were given very short notice that they had to move out. They both moved out of the location with the 30 days given to them.

JFFCU didn’t want to leave their members that worked at the hospital without easy access to their accounts, but they also didn’t have it in their budget to pay for space and to staff an entire branch. They just so happened to find space in a strip mall across from the hospital that was available. Their objective was to get the members access to their accounts quickly and without a significant increase in expenses.

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Jefferson Financial decided that the best option was to make this an express location and install a Hyosung ATM outside and a Hyosung ITM that is integrated directly with their core banking platform inside the branch. To accomplish their goal, the credit union partnered with authorized Hyosung reseller Bancsource. By connecting their Hyosung ITM directly into their core banking platform, their members can now conduct cardless transactions and more complex transactions all in self-service. For example, Jefferson Financial members can cash a check, make a loan payment, and deposit money into their savings account all without the assistance of a branch staff member. However, if they decide they need assistance or just have a question, the staff is there to help. Utilizing the new technology, Jefferson Financial is now able to staff the branch with 1-2 employees instead of the traditional 3-4 while allowing the membership to still complete 100% of the transactions that they were accustom to doing at the traditional branches.

“Jefferson Financial FCU is very pleased with the products and service that we received from Hyosung. They have proven to be a great partner.” Said Kristin Morrison, COO of Jefferson Financial.

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The members that work in the hospital were grateful that JFFCU acted so fast and to this date are very happy with the express location that is across from the hospital. Hyosung’s ability to act quickly to the credit union’s needs and the ability to fully service members with reduced staff and space by utilizing integration into the credit union’s core platform was fantastic. The credit union wanted to focus on providing self-service, so it was important to partner with a company whose solution allowed its members to conduct as much business as possible without the need of a staff member. This has allowed the staff to focus on members who want one-on-one attention.

“The forward-thinking approach taken by the Jefferson team to serve their members with the most convenience possible made working with them very fun and rewarding. Being able to provide state of the art technology while keeping member service as your focus proved to be the winning combination and we are proud that Hyosung was able to provide that.” Said VP of Software Sales for Hyosung, Joe Militello.

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About Jefferson Financial FCU:

Jefferson Financial Federal Credit Union is a member-owned, not-for-profit financial institution serving more than 50,000 members with more than a dozen locations across south Louisiana. They strive to be active members of their communities, giving back to their current and future members by working with the Chambers of commerce

About Nautilus Hyosung:

Nautilus Hyosung America is the US subsidiary of Hyosung, Inc., a global leader in providing ATMs, TCRs and software solutions to the retail off-premises and financial institution markets. Since entering the North American market in 1998, Hyosung has been the fastest growing ATM company in North America and the leading provider of recycling branch transformation solutions. Hyosung is headquartered in Irving, Texas, and provides research and development support in its Global Software Center in Dayton, Ohio.

About Bancsource:

Bancsource is an independent industry leader of financial technology sales and service solutions in North America. For over 41 years, Bancsource has provided financial and payment processing solutions with convenient, value-added services that improve customer experience and efficiency.   Bancsource is positioned with an expansive continental service footprint, allowing us to fulfill a variety of service needs for our clients. With more than 300 employees and certified partnerships, Bancsource delivers sales and service excellence to more than 1,200 clients.  Bancsource is headquartered in Springfield, Missouri.

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