IRVING, Texas, July 16, 2018 / PRNewswire — Hyosung America (Hyosung), the largest ATM provider and fastest growing TCR provider in the United States, is proud to announce a new partnership with CFM, a core-integrated cash recycling platform that allows for streamlining of cash recycling operations between financial institutions and technology manufacturers.

CFM’s zero-footprint integration solution seamlessly connects teller platforms and cash handling hardware further driving security, process improvements and cost efficiencies across branch operations. And, Hyosung’s MS500 TCR leads the industry in speed capacity with its unique transit cassette and self-audit capability. With Hyosung’s recent CFM certification, the new partnership will offer end-to-end integration between Hyosung’s ATM and TCR products and banks’ and credit unions’ core banking platforms.

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“Hyosung takes great pride in its ability to provide customers with solutions that improve the functionality, maintenance and care of their Hyosung products, and our partnership with CFM further solidifies our dedication to doing just that,” says Scott Hackl, senior vice president of sales at Hyosung. “By partnering with the only zero-footprint cash recycling solution in the industry, Hyosung continues to cement its position as a world-leader in ATMs, TCRs and financial technology solutions.”

By giving financial institutions complete oversight between their core processing system and cash recyclers/dispensers within a branch network, the integrated solution saves operators not only time, but money as well. Coupled with its business intelligence solution, CFM offers real-time analytics so banks and credit unions can make data-driven decisions on purchasing, deploying and servicing their cash dispensers and recyclers. And because CFM works with all makes and models of recyclers and dispensers, it allows for choice within the marketplace.

“Our partnership with Hyosung is one that not only allows us to facilitate best practices in recycling with the largest ATM supplier in the United States, but one that ultimately helps financial institutions better serve their clients,” says Nathan Moore, Chief Disruption Officer at CFM. “We are eager to begin implementing our integration technology with Hyosung’s family of products and are excited to see where this partnership takes us.”

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About Nautilus Hyosung America

Hyosung is the North American subsidiary of South Korea-based Hyosung, Inc., a global leader in providing ATMs to the retail off-premises and financial institution markets. Since entering the North American market in 1998, Hyosung has become the largest provider of ATMs in the United States. Hyosung is headquartered in Irving, Texas, and provides research and development support in its Global Software Center in Dayton, Ohio.

About CFM

Innovations aren’t innovative unless they solve a problem or need. For CFM, revolutionizing an industry started with the simple principal of helping financial institutions transform the banking experience through core integrated solutions. As the only zero-footprint solution in the industry, CFM drives the future of banking by connecting cash automation hardware to teller platforms, enabling Universal Associates, super-safe redundancy programs, robust analytics and self-service solutions. CFM is headquartered in Chandler, AZ and a strategic partner of DBSI (, a branch transformation strategist. To learn more, visit or call (855) 333.4236.

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