DALLAS, July 19, 2022– Hyosung America announced today the launch of four new products that bridge the legacy of Hyosung’s innovation and modular design with the industry’s most transformational cash-automation solutions.

  • X10 Cash-in-Sidecar – the cornerstone of the of the industry’s most advanced cash-in/out solutions: a low cost, high reward upgrade for Hyosung’s leading cash dispenser lineup.
  • Series X MetaKiosk – a cash-in/cash-out device that is purpose-built for payments, gaming and more.
  • Cajera CR-E – an entry-level retail cash recycler. The “Cajera” series (Spanish for “cashier”), embodies Hyosung’s most transformational, retail recycling ATM and TCR series designed for in-store cash optimization. The Cajera CR-E (MS500EL) is part of the newly branded Cajera series of cash recyclers that includes the Cajera CR-H (MS500) and the Cajera CR-U (MS500S).
  • Hero cash dispenser (redesigned MX5400) – flagship of the industry’s best performing lineup of cash-dispense ATMs that now offers a new bill presenter and improved security features.

Leading the new product introduction is the new Series X10 Cash-in-Sidecar. Demonstrating Hyosung’s legendary modular design, the X10 supports a myriad of customer experiences including payments and gaming ticket redemption. “The device can be ‘bolted on’ to existing Hyosung cash dispensers to transform it into a full function device. It’s an upgrade, not a replacement,” said Brad Nolan, Chief Marketing Officer for Hyosung America.

Hyosung has also launched the Series X MetaKiosk, with a large immersive touchscreen, barcode scanner, NFC reader, ticket-in and ticket-out and more. The MetaKiosk attracts and engages customers with simple, interactive functionality. The MetaKiosk has an inherent flexible design allowing for easy integration and low-cost upgrades to support multiple self-service solutions.

The X10 Cash-in-Sidecar and MetaKiosk are specifically designed to be supported by Hyosung’s soon-to-be-launched app store. With the app store, any ATM operator using Hyosung’s retail software platform can subscribe and download apps such as Money Remittance and Bill Pay to enable their ATMs to do more – driving new revenue streams for the operators and the retailers with whom they partner.

The Cajera CR-E is the foundational entry-level cash recycler that provides cash automation efficiency, security and peace of mind to all size retail store owners. “Traditionally, cash automation has been reserved for larger, higher transaction volume retailers. However, the Cajera CR-E provides cash automation for lower volume, smaller staffed retailers who previously couldn’t justify high end cash recycler products,” said Michael Graham, Vice President of Retail Strategy and Solutions for Hyosung America.

Hyosung’s Hero, the redesigned MX5400, includes a new Cash Dispenser unit that provides spray dispense/bill presentation along with auto recovery capability. Supporting both WinCE and Win10 platforms, the 5400 offers a wide range of transactions capabilities. With the option to increase cash capacity, the 5400 series is a fantastic fit for both Retail and Financial deployments. In addition, the Hero now includes enhanced physical protections including a redesigned safe door and an optional UL291 L1 rated safe.

“Given the extended pandemic and resulting reduced physical shoppers in retail stores, the retail ATM industry has been hungry for a suite of products that would create more transactions and thus foot traffic for retailers. It’s extremely exciting to bring new technology and support to the market that can actually achieve these lofty goals,” said Marvin Bowers, Vice President of Retail Sales for Hyosung America. “With our great focus on educating customers and partners, these new solutions will be transformational to the industry Hyosung fundamentally founded and I’m thrilled to connect with our customers and showcase these new products.”

Learn more about the product launch here.

Hyosung America, the world’s leading cash management and payments platform service provider, is the North American subsidiary of South Korea-based Hyosung Corporation. Since entering the North American market in 1998, Hyosung has grown from the largest provider of ATMs in the United States, to offering best-in-class, innovative and transformative technology solutions across the cash management and payments spectrum. Hyosung America is headquartered in Irving, Texas, and provides research and development support in its Global Software Center in Dayton, Ohio.

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