Mike Park

Chief Strategy Officer

headshot of Mike Park

Mr. Mike (Sung-hyun) Park serves as the Chief Strategy Officer and Chief of Staff at Hyosung Innovue America. Mr. Park is responsible for overseeing company’s strategic planning as well as sales strategies while leading strategic initiatives for company’s sustainable growth. Mr. Park is also working closely with CEO to improve current business operations and revise them to achieve the company’s long term vision. He is also monitoring and supporting various new business development initiatives.

Prior to joining Hyosung Innovue America, Mr. Park worked for Hyosung Group and Hyosung TNS (parent company of Hyosung Innovue America) in Korea for nearly 10 years with various roles such as corporate planning, business analysis and market/industry research, new business development, and global sales.

Mr. Park holds BA in Business Administration from the University of Washington in Seattle, WA.