Welcome to Hyosung’s employee spotlight! Our July Spotlight is on Jacob Cook, Service Account Manager. “Jacob is a team player. I appreciate him jumping in when we need him,” Cristina Moe.

Get to know more about Jacob below!

Q: How long have you worked at Hyosung? What was your start date?

A: I have been part of the Hyosung family for nearly 5 Years (4 years 11 months) since 8/14/2017.

Q: Can you tell us a little more about your background and how you joined the company in 2017?

A: I came to Hyosung from the FI world, having held a variety of roles within the ATM space, Risk and Governance. I had the pleasure of joining in 2017 after I found myself living in Dallas and reconnected with some old colleagues who were already working at Hyosung. They told me about some amazing opportunities and encouraged me to come aboard.

Q: What was your first impression of Hyosung?

A: My first impression of Hyosung was that there was a real passion for leading the industry through innovation.

Q: Are there any important skills or attributes that are important for someone that wants to pursue a career as a Service Account Manager? Is there anything about your job or your team that you think people outside would find surprising or different in the way you/it works?

A: Service Account Management is a challenging and rewarding career. It is a fast pace environment that requires a diverse skillset of customer service, analytics and product and software knowledge. People outside would find it surprising that this role challenges you to constantly learn and adapt, which promotes personal growth.

Q: Can you tell us about your role and summarize your day-to-day responsibilities?

A: My day to day responsibilities include customer service, data interpretation, quality and analytics.

Q: What inspires you every day?

A: Our corporate culture and the passion for innovation.

Q: In 5 years what do you want to achieve or where do you see you yourself?

A: In 5 years from now, I would like to continue to grow my career with Hyosung and continue my education.

Q: What do you like to do outside of work?

A: Outside of work I spend time with my French bulldog, cooking and reading non-fiction.

Q: Do you have favorite memory or standout accomplishment during your time at Hyosung?

A: My favorite Hyosung moment was the Corporate Kick-Off event that was held in Irving for the 2018 year. It was great to hear all the senior leadership speak and discuss the future of the company and get to meet so many colleagues from all over the country.

Q: Do you have a fun fact you’d like to share?

A: When I was younger, I was in a band that played the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH.