Employee Spotlight: Meet Diamond Johnson

Diamond Quote.png

Welcome to Hyosung’s employee spotlight! Beginning in December, we will be highlighting a valuable member of the Hyosung America team. This month our spotlight is on Diamond Johnson, Manager of Field Service Technical Support. Diamond has been a part of Hyosung for almost 6 years! Through those 6 years, she has been promoted 4 times and has seen the growth opportunities that Hyosung offers.

“Diamond displayed an eagerness and willingness to learn. She’s been through several managers, moved to Texas, and has demonstrated her ability to navigate her way up the corporate ladder. It makes me proud knowing she has been a constant contributor to our organization”, said Sean Hiro, Regional Operations Director, North West.

Q: Tell us a little about your background. What did you do prior to joining Hyosung?

A: I studied Electrical Engineering at ITT Technical Institute in California. Sean Hiro, a Hyosung Regional Manager visited our campus looking for future graduates to join the team. ITT Tech gave Sean my resume and that’s how I learned about Hyosung. I had the interview in the beginning of February, and I was hired by the end of February. On March 5th, I completed my last college final, and I was on a plane to Irving March 8th and started training March 9th.

Q: Why did you choose to work for Hyosung?

A: I was shocked and intrigued at the same time to learn about the ATM industry. Nobody really thinks about Technicians fixing ATM machines. We only focus on making our deposits and withdrawing our money, so I was interested to see how the machine actually worked. At the time, the companies that reached out and the job offers I received were not intriguing. The reason why I chose Hyosung over the other companies was the opportunity to be my own boss and work independently while also being part of a team. As a Technician, you are out there on your own; you do have a boss, but you’re running the ticket and making decisions for yourself. You also have a team that you work with to distribute the workload evenly. The better you work as a team, the more you are able to satisfy the customer.

Q: How long have you worked at Hyosung?

A: It will be 6 years in March 2021.

Q: What was your role when you first joined Hyosung and how has your role evolved?

A: I was hired March 2015 as a Technician. I traveled a lot servicing ATM machines and really getting to know the customers and making them happy. I learned about ATM products but also how Hyosung worked. Every time I spoke with a different dept at Hyosung, I asked how that plays into the company. The more I learned about Hyosung, the more I was able to put into my work as a Technician. I was then promoted to a Lead Technician Sept 2016. As a lead, I gained more managerial responsibilities and helped deliver and improve performance metrics, such as Service Level Agreements (SLA). In June 2018, I was promoted to Field Service Manager (FSM). I started as a Technician and now in this role, I was managing Technicians; I had 33 Technicians servicing North Texas. In October 2020, I was promoted to Manager of Field Service Technical Support. Now in my new role, I manage the support team of the field.

Q: What is the best part of your job?

A: Being able to make a difference and put procedures and policies together that help the field Technicians! When I was a FSM, I was only helping my team; now I get to help the entire fleet of Technicians. When I was a technician, the best part of my job was developing relationships with the customers. That was fun! It makes you feel good to be able to have a relationship with a branch that you’re probably going to see on a daily basis and have that level of trust with the customer. That relationship and their excitement to see me was the best part about being a Technician!

Q: Would you recommend a job to a friend? Why?

A: Depending on the friend, Yes! I’ve recommended 2 people already to Hyosung and they both work here. Hyosung is a family-oriented company, and everyone cares about everybody.

Q: In 5 years what do you want to do achieve or see you yourself at Hyosung

A: I see myself in a Director position still working with the field. I know the things that need improvement that can help the Technicians in the field. I’m very passionate about working with Technicians. Technicians are the face of the company, and they are a huge contribution to the company’s success. Improvements to the FSEs work will improve the quality of work they provide to the customers. A big improvement I’ve seen is the Moniassist App. Moniassist was a basic app when I started, and the functionality has improved so much. It simplifies the Technicians work and that leads to better and faster customer service.

Q: What do you like to do outside of work?

A: I’m a sports fanatic! I love to travel, and I have a list of places in the U.S. that I want to see. I want to get into real estate, purchase and do renovations!

Q: Can you think of a customer visit that has stuck with you?

My customers know my personality and me! Everyone knows my hairstyle is a big puff. One day, I was working in a California bank, and they needed a Bundle. These were hard to get 5 years ago, so I collaborated with another technician to get this Bundle for my customer. It was around Thanksgiving and the branch made their own hand turkeys on the whiteboard. While I was waiting for my machine to come back up after the part replacement, I decided to start my own hand turkey. I drew the hand but ran out of time to finish the rest. I came back to the branch for another service ticket a few days later and found my hand turkey complete with my hair puff and a Bundle. It made me smile!!