Welcome to Hyosung’s employee spotlight! Our April spotlight is on Brock Noxon, Manager, End-User Services. Brock has years of experience in IT, and we are glad he joined Hyosung in 2020. “Brock is an exceptional individual and talent within the Hyosung family. Brock sets high standards for himself and his team. His genuine passion for customer service and his energy levels serve Hyosung America well. His focus to resolve issues rather than close tickets will prove to be rewarding. Brock takes great pride in his work and position. His GSD – Get Service Done – attitude compliments his positive energy and always-on smile. Well done Brock!” – Marc Paust, Executive Director, Information Technology and Security.

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Get to know Brock more below!

Q: Tell us a little about your background. What did you do prior to joining Hyosung?

A: Prior to Joining the Hyosung Family I worked at Vantiv/FIS for 9.5 years as an IT Manager in Colorado. We supported 8000+ end users in multiple states across the US and in the UK. At Vantiv, formerly Mercury Payments, I had the opportunity to work with Marc Paust, my current manager. Marc is an outstanding leader and very supportive. He hires good people, and I admire how he manages his team and how he empowers his team to take the lead on projects. When the opportunity came to work with Marc again, I jumped on it and moved to Texas in November 2020! Not very often do you get to pick your boss and know that the mission will succeed and great work will come from the partnership. It was a great decision, and I am happy to be here in the great state of Texas.

Q: What is your role with Hyosung?

A: My current roll with Hyosung is IT Manager, End Users Services. The End User Services team is responsible for ensuring all Hyosung employees have the tools needed to perform their jobs. The team includes service desk, IT Support, user training, hardware/software asset management, AV support, patch management,maintaining/upgrading security vulnerabilities on employee’s computers and many other items. I look forward to evolving and making a positive impact on the growth and success of Hyosung’s IT department as well as assist with providing the tools everyone needs to take us into the future.

Q: What is the best part of your job?

A: The very best part of my job is interacting with the wonderful Hyosung family members.

Q: Would you recommend a job to a friend? Why?

A: Absolutely! Of all the companies I’ve had the pleasure to work for, Hyosung is by far my favorite company.

Q: In 5 years what do you want to achieve or where do you see you yourself?

A: In 5 years, I want to achieve the best-in-class IT Support for all of the Hyosung family. My goal is to have Hyosung employees looking forward to the next time they interact with IT. I also expect to have policies and procedures in place that will be the foundation of our best-in-class IT Support Team. I want to take on as much responsibility as possible and do whatever it takes to learn and grow with Hyosung.

Q: What do you like to do outside of work?

A: Outside of work, I spend my summer weekends on the boat out on the lake. The lake is my happy place. In the winter months, I work on restoring my old Impala. I am also a serious Audiophile enthusiast; home and car audio are on the top of my essentials list and restoring old jukeboxes! I really enjoy spending time with friends and family, sitting on the patio, relaxing, and enjoying good conversations. Life is amazing!

Q: Tell me about a memorable moment during your employment at Hyosung?

A: A very memorable moment was when we were preparing our move into the new HQ building in Las Colinas, and Peter, VP of HR, walked over to thank the team for our hard work. We were working day and night to get the office ready for opening day, and out of nowhere, I see Peter. That kind gesture showed the team and me how much the company recognized and appreciated our hard work. Coming from large organizations, there were not many times when the Vice President of HR personally thanked you and expressed their appreciation.

Q: How did Hyosung help you achieve your goals?

A: Hyosung is supportive of change and adopted new tools that empower employees to continue to be successful. I also have the best boss in the world. Marc Paust is very supportive and appreciates all the work my team does. He is always there to assist in removing roadblocks that impede our progress so we can focus on achieving our goal of providing best-in-class IT Support/customer service.