A retail cash recycler is an ideal addition to a wide range of commercial spaces that serve customers. This newer generation of ATM machines provides a sophisticated way to please customers while improving the profitability of the retail space. There are a number of functions to consider as you explore your choices, including security features and pre-balance capabilities. 

Uncompromising security features for peace of mind 

First, security remains a top concern for ATM machine operators and customers alike. The Hyosung retail cash recycler machine solutions are fully equipped with state-of-the-art security features, including seismic and heat alarms, a safety door sensor, and a security camera. These reliable security features bring peace of mind to business owners and customers who are depositing their checks or cash. Yet, there is one security perk inherently present in all cash recycling machines that traditional ATMs lack: the reduction of human interactions. 

The human element will always be a security concern, as criminals frequently target cash in transit. Since a cash recycling ATM machine dramatically reduces the need to restock the machine, there are far fewer opportunities for criminal activity to target the cash. 

Reliable authentication for superior risk management 

Counterfeit currency is another type of security concern when operating an ATM. The new generation of cash recyclers incorporates sophisticated banknote authentication technology. Each bill deposited into the machine is evaluated for both denomination and authenticity. Currency that is potentially fraudulent is automatically placed in a rejection bin rather than the recycling bin and is not deposited into the customer’s account. 

The pairing of pre-balance with dual balance for enhanced profitability  

The security features aren’t the only reason many businesses are switching to a cash recycler ATM machine. The advanced software allows for dual balance and pre-balance, which complement each other nicely. Dual balance is a convenient feature that enables customers to check the balance on multiple accounts simultaneously and on the same screen. For example, they will be able to check their savings and checking account balances simultaneously. Customers save time, and ATM operators collect revenue for each inquiry. 

As noted, pre-balance is the ideal complement to the dual balance feature. After making a balance inquiry, customers can seamlessly transition to a second transaction thanks to the pre-balance feature. This enables the operator to collect additional transactional revenue. 

A variety of sizes to suit any floor plan 

Square footage is always at a premium in retail establishments and similar businesses. Fortunately, there are a variety of sizes of retail cash recycler machines to choose from. Modern ATM machines with cash recycling capabilities have a small enough footprint to tuck into an alcove near the entry of a store. Alternatively, the more compact sizes can be mounted directly into a wall for a streamlined appearance that won’t take away from the store’s available space for inventory. 

Empower your customers with our cash recycler for retail establishments 

In 1996, Hyosung America installed the world’s first retail cash recycler in South Korea. Since then, we’ve been at the forefront of innovative banking solutions for businesses worldwide, ranging from banks to restaurant chains. Our Hyosung cash recycler machines are reliable and secure and are easily serviced should the need arise.   

When you’re ready to improve the customer experience at your location, contact Hyosung America for more information about our transformative branch cash recyclers. 

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