Interactive teller machines, or ITMs, represent the very latest in banking technology. When it comes to branch transformation solutions, ITMs are leading the way. But what makes these new interactive ATMs so different from traditional designs, and how steep will the learning curve be for your customers? Read on as the experts at Hyosung America answer these important questions.

Differences from a Traditional ATM

For starters, let’s briefly discuss the differences between standard ATMs and interactive teller machines. The main difference is that ITMs have a live video teller interface that allows you to speak with a real human being– should you need a personal touch while completing your transaction. Hyosung America’s ActiveTeller branch transformation technology and other similar software allow tellers to interact with customers from anywhere with a high-speed internet connection. This means customers can make larger deposits, including multiple denominations and checks, withdraw different denominations, and speak to a professional should they have any questions about their account.

Verify Your Identity Via Photo ID

Another perk of ITM service is that it allows customers to verify their identity with a photo ID instead of a debit card. Unlike debit cards and PINs that can be stolen, your appearance is much harder to fake. Many ITM transactions will start with the live teller verifying the customer’s identity. 

Show a government-issued picture ID, enter your account number if needed, and begin your transaction. With this added level of security and a live teller on hand, you can make changes to your account while performing other transactions. 

Speak with a Live Teller in Real-Time

Operating an interactive teller machine isn’t that different from using a standard ATM. Your customers who are used to ATM technology should have no trouble making the leap to ITM technology. In fact, with most models of Hyosung interactive teller machines, customers can choose to perform their transactions without the help of a video teller (assuming it’s a transaction that a traditional ATM can accomplish). 

Should they choose to perform a video-assisted teller transaction, they will be connected to the next available teller. Though wait times can differ depending on your staffing levels and how busy it is at the moment– it usually takes only a few seconds. Like all branch transformation solutions, the goal of ITM implementation is to help your customers complete their transactions more efficiently.

Upgrade Your Hardware with a Trusted Partner

Whether you’re running a large FI with branches across the continent or managing a small local bank with just a few locations in a rural county, branch transformation can seem daunting. It’s important that you work on an implementation strategy with an experienced partner. At Hyosung America, we have deployed thousands of ITMs with FIs in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and worldwide. Take the first step towards transforming your branch experience. Contact Hyosung America today.

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