Debit cards have been an integral part of the ATM experience since the first ATMs were introduced. But like every other aspect of the banking industry, ATMs continue to evolve. Now, with ATM cardless cash withdrawal software, today’s machines can safely and securely dispense cash, whether you have a card on you or not. 

Read more as the experts at Hyosung America explain how cardless cash withdrawals work, and the benefits of this exciting new technology.

A Code Replaces the Card

Customers who want to take advantage of ATM cardless cash withdrawal can set a code that, when entered along with their standard PIN, can be used to withdraw cash from their account. Put simply, a code can replace the card at ATMs that feature the latest software. 

Codes can be active indefinitely or work for only a predetermined length of time. By remembering their code and PIN, customers can perform transactions at any ATM that has cardless software installed. 

With more and more ATMs being upgraded across the globe every day, it may soon no longer be necessary for customers to carry their debit cards on their person. 

Implementation is Easy

Hyosung America’s cashless withdrawal software is easy to install. This software-only upgrade doesn’t require any new hardware. The latest ATM machines can be quickly upgraded with retail ATM software options, including the ability to collect cash without a card, which means you’ll experience little downtime. 

Enjoy the same functionality and security that you’re used to right now, with expanded cashless options, all without missing a beat.

Don’t Lose a Transaction

As an ATM operator, every transaction is an opportunity to make money. 

Imagine a cash-only store or restaurant on a popular beachfront strip. Customers need to take cash out of the ATM to make purchases, but many of them have left their wallets at home or in the car. With cardless withdrawals, they’ll be able to get cash and spend it at local businesses. It’s a transaction that wouldn’t have otherwise been performed, which means more income for you. 

Customers who have damaged cards or are waiting on replacement cards can also use cardless withdrawal ATM software to get cash when they need it. Parents can give their kids a code and PIN number, which will allow them to withdraw cash in an emergency. 

Cardless withdrawal–capable ATMs are listed on the Pop Money Locator website and app, which provides increased visibility to your machine, business, or branch. 

At the end of the day, cardless options will make you money and keep your customers happy.

A Leader in ATM Technology

Hyosung America is an industry leader with thousands of ATM machines deployed around the globe. By pairing our hardware with cutting-edge software, we provide multiple transaction options, high levels of security, and a simple user experience for both customers and operators. 

If you think that upgrading to software with cardless ATM capability is right for your business or FI, don’t hesitate to contact us today. With help from Hyosung America, you can maximize profits at your ATM machines.

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