Dispensary Cash Management Solutions

Ryan Loebs is a TCR industry expert with over 15 years of experience in Financial & Retail cash automation. He has guided financial institutions and technology companies of all sizes in their approach to adopting successful TCR implementations. Over the last 6 years Ryan has held roles in TCR Product Management, Sales Strategy, & Relationship Management.

For many cannabis businesses, going into 2023 may present mixed emotions. On one hand, this year the industry has continued its upward growth and is projected for an even better year in 2023. Millennials and younger generations have helped remove negative stigmas associated with cannabis and its use. Medical and recreational state legalization is continuing, and it is clear that the future is bright and more certain than ever for cannabis.

On the other hand, for a significant portion of owners/operators, it might feel as though real challenges are ahead.

One area, in particular, that is causing concern is labor. Not only is there not enough labor, but there are also questions of the quality. As inflation pushes up wages, demographics are changing. A large portion of the labor force is moving into vacated and remote positions, leaving less quantity and a lower quality labor pool in retail. Going forward, maintaining fully staffed stores with reliable and consistent people is going to be a real challenge.

Hyosung is excited to announce (BlueVerse) a new cannabis cash management solution designed specifically to help reduce labor challenges and revolutionize cash management in the dispensary. The industry’s first next-generation back-office management software that pairs the newest cash automation hardware technology with software designed for the cannabis dispensary.

As a longtime provider of cash management and automation solutions for financial institutions, Hyosung is the leader in retail and financial automation solutions.