MoniMobile, the industry’s first mobile app for ATM merchants, operators and distributors, has recently eclipsed a few milestones for Hyosung. Since launching in June of 2016, MoniMobile has successfully reached over 700 accounts nationwide and added more than 1,200 ATMs.

The MoniMobile apps are also adding on average around 20 new accounts and 50 new ATMs per week, and we don’t see that slowing down any time soon. We believe we’re starting to see how MoniMobile can truly revolutionize the way ATM operators and merchants interact with and manage their ATMs.

Having spent 15 years as an ISO I have gained a unique perspective on the challenges that ATM Operators actually face when running their business. It was this understanding that allowed MoniMobile to come to life – giving the one true source of ATM data, the ATM itself, the ability to communicate to the smart devices we all carry around every day.

Upgrade your Hyosung ATMs to communicate with your smart devices today!

We knew we had something special once we figured out how to create an application that can give ATM operators direct, real-time control of ATM management and allow both merchants and ATM operators to manage and maintain accurate fleet data with ease and efficiency. The feedback has been tremendous so far and we look forward to working with our clients, customers and partners to further optimize the MoniMobile apps.

“MoniMobile gives me all the info I need in the palm of my hand. TID number, model type, software version, serial number, error codes, videos and more.” said Teresa Wilson of ATMs by Wilson. “It’s just an abundance of information and a very handy app.”

MoniMobile is now available for free download on Android and iOS. MoniMobile ISO is now available for $9.99 on Android and iOS. Nautilus Hyosung America is showcasing a broad range of products and technology at Booth #502 during ATMIA 2017.

What is MoniMobile? See below….

Pair MoniMobile with your Hyosung ATM and see the difference today.

QR Code Info

By scanning their Hyosung ATM’s unique QR code, MoniMobile users will immediately have detailed identifying information at their fingertips, including:

  • ATM model and serial number
  • Terminal ID
  • Card reader type
  • Encryption PIN pad type
  • Location name and address
  • Current software version

In the event of an error, Merchants or ATM Operators can now simply scan a prompted QR code on the ATM screen, and the app will provide the error code description and corrective action.  Many codes are even accompanied by a video demonstrating how to fix the problem.

Reduce downtime on your Hyosung ATMs and get them back in operation faster today with MoniMobile.

How-To Videos

In addition, MoniMobile merchant edition helps merchants with tasks that previously would have resulted in downtime and service calls to the independent ATM deployers (IAD). Now, users can view easy-to-follow how-to videos for routine maintenance activities such as:

  • Loading receipt paper
  • Loading the cash cassette
  • Updating the cash balance in the admin menus
  • Clearing a note jam
  • Clearing a paper jam

MoniMobile ISO gives users all of the features found in the MoniMobile Merchant app, including the ability to scan your fleet for capturing and logging accurate ATM information, error assistance with scanning, prompted corrective actions and much more. Some additional features include:

Extended How-To Videos

MoniMobile ISO comes with everything found on MoniMobile Merchant, but also contains more technical videos such as:

  • WinCE 5.0 (CE) Software load with SD Card
  • WinCE 5.0 (CE) Software load with USB
  • WinCE 6.0 (SE) Software load with SD Card
  • WinCE 6.0 (SE) Software load with USB
  • EMV Configuration Tips
  • EMV Upgrades for various models
  • LaGard Basic e-lock Troubleshooting
  • PCI 3.0 EPP Configuration including:
  • Changing Secure Mode Passwords
  • Changing EPP State IDs and Passwords
  • Changing the EPP State
  • Entering Master Keys

Start learning to use MoniMobile and see the difference it makes in your business!

Service Requests

Receive Service Requests created in MoniMobile Merchant sent directly into MoniMobile ISO. Service Request Features Include:

  • View service requests assigned to you
  • Close service requests and include notes on actions taken
  • Reply with a note to the service request assignment
  • Escalate service requests with an optional note for third parties
  • Receive notifications of new service requests assigned to you
  • Receive notifications for closed service requests assigned to you
  • Map for GPS navigation to service location
  • Register ATM into your ATM database through service requests

Easy Contact Share

At install, have the merchant get their free download of MoniMobile Merchant and when it’s time to provide your contact information to the merchant, you can share your contact details via QR Code generation through MoniMobile ISO.

Tech Check-In

Time and date stamp technician check-in aids in proving service level agreements are met with service agreements and are the perfect partner for the time and date stamp resolution you already have when a service request is closed.

The initial release of both MoniMobile versions has been really exciting. The feedback on additional potential features from the users has us really excited to see just how far these products can go!

Try out MoniMobile today and see what this powerful software can do.

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