Micro Market for 24/7

Hyosung JetToGo, operating 24/7, can be deployed at any indoor locations including offices, shools, hospitals, rail stations, etc., for consumers who need daily fresh goods such as beverages, salads and refrigerated items.

Grab & Go enabled by AI Vision

With Hyosung’s own AI vision technology, this AI-based vending fridge enables Grab & Go shopping experience within seconds with no check-out process, but automatic payment after closing a door.

Data Analytics for Better Business

The AI vision solution helps with business management by constantly collecting inventory tracking data that identifies customer shopping patterns and behaviors. This data analytics leads to bettered sales strategies such as promotions and product positioning.

Proven Quality with Style

Partnered with a global leading refrigerator manufacturer, Hyosung JetToGo showcases the latest style with sleek design and hardware refinement. Various color options are available upon customer request.

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