Marvin Bowers

Senior Vice President, FI Channel & Retail Sales

Mr. Marvin Bowers serves as the Senior Vice President, FI Channel and Retail ATMs at Hyosung America. Mr. Bowers is responsible for all ATM and financial equipment sales for retail environments, including convenience stores, restaurants, and big box stores. With nearly 20 years experience and a proven track record for success in financial technology sales to banks and credit unions, Mr. Bowers brings a unique perspective to the retail ATM marketplace. Bringing features, functionality, and value added programs from the banking world into the retail segment is an important part of his vision. He is also dedicated to customer education.

Prior to joining Hyosung, Mr. Bowers worked for Atlanta Computer Group for nearly 8 years as Vice President of Global Sales, providing ATMs and other financial equipment to financial institutions and dealers around the world. He also previously worked at One Point Financial, a significant provider of ATM placement services for both financial institutions and retailers.

Mr. Bowers attended Western Carolina University and spends much of his free time with his wife and five daughters.